The Easy Care System

We have followed nature's model in developing the Nano Marinus range.

What do sea water organisms need?

  • Limy settlement substrate
  • An ideal flow of water
  • Suitable light for photosynthesis
  • Stable water values in a range corresponding to the natural maritime habitat
  • Vital minerals and trace elements
  • Fellow Cube dwellers which will integrate well
  • Appropriate nutrition for moving creatures and filter feeders

This gives rise to the 7 components of the Dennerle Easy Care system:

1. Nano Marinus Reef Sand

Natural, limy bed mixture with an ideal grain size of 0.7 – 1.2 mm. A perfect habitat for filtering bacteria and all creatures from the sand zone.

2. Nano Marinus Reef Salt

Special sea salt for nano sea water aquaria with a precise balance of trace elements for healthy growth and magnificent colours.

3. Nano Marinus Bio-Circulator 4in1

The core element of the Easy Care system: Water flow, surface extraction, filtration and 24-hour feed unit for filter feeders.

4. TROCAL LED Marinus

Sunshine for the nano reef in your home: Powerful light and an ideal colour spectrum for light-loving corals.


5. Nano ThermoConstant 25°

The electronically controlled fully automatic mini-heater for an ideal feel-good temperature of 25 °C.

6. Regular water care

Replacing 10-15% of the water each week removes undesired waste substances and adds fresh minerals. Depleted trace elements are replenished with Nano Marinus Reef Elements.

7. Living rocks & a carefully chosen stock of marine creatures

Healthy living rocks from the sea and a stock of creatures tailored to nano aquaria provide long-term stability for a biosystem in which corals are able to flourish.