The Running-In Method

A little patience is all it takes!

The running-in method is also simple, but it takes a little time until the Nano Cube is fully and running and biologically stable.
More sensitive sea creatures can be added after 8-10 weeks.

Running in takes place in several stages. This is how it's done.

Day 1 

Fit base support.
Wash Marinus Reef Sand and pour in to a height of 2-3 cm.
Add the prepared sea water from a separate container.

  Install and start up flow pump and heater.
As freshly mixed salt water is initially too chemically
aggressive for many small organisms, a little patience is now required.

Day 7

After a week, add approx. 6 kg (Cube 30) / 8 kg (Cube 60) of living rocks and, if possible, a handful of living bed material from an up-and-running reef aquarium.
You should now also add a bundle of macro-algae, ideally the green wire algae Chaetomorpha linum.
Switch on the lighting as follows:

1st-2nd week 6 h/day
3rd-4th week 8 h/day
From 5th week 10 h/day

Day 42

Robust soft corals can be added after the six-week running-in phase, when the water and bed are biologically active and the brown diatoms with oxygen bubbles have disappeared.

Day 56

Other sea creatures such as shrimps or hermit crabs can be added after 8-10 weeks.
Nano fish which remain small and are to spend all their lives in the nano environment should be introduced into the aquarium after 14 - 16 weeks at the earliest, with no more than two such fish to be kept in a Cube 30.