The Quick-Start Method

Set-up and start-up – This is all there is to it!

Takes just 60 minutes!

This method enables immediate set-up of the Nano Cube. Experience shows that biological stability is ensured from the outset. You need the following from an up-and-running coral reef aquarium:

1. Biologically mature aquarium water and bed material
2. Living rocks: approx. 6 kg (Cube 30) / 8 kg (Cube 60)

Fit base support.
Fill aquarium with matured, uncleaned bed material up to a height of 2-3 cm.
Pour the mature sea water into the aquarium carefully over a plate, so as to avoid swirling up the bed.
Install heater and flow pump.
Place living rocks and macro-algae in the aquarium.
Install lamp and cover panel and start up the system.
Lighting time:
1st week 8 h/day, from 2nd week 10 h/day


That's it for a start. In the following days you will be able to observe which small creatures have already found their way into your Nano Cube aquarium with the rocks. After a week, place the first small and robust soft corals in the aquarium. After the second week you can add other sea creatures, such as hermit crabs or shrimps.

The living bed, which is permeated with filtering bacteria and sediments and contains countless small marine creatures such as crabs and worms, will ensure that the desired biological balance is swiftly attained. In order to avoid removing these important small organisms, the bed mix should be rinsed only very carefully (if at all) in a little aquarium water before pouring it into the aquarium.
Sediments may cloud the aquarium water slightly at first. The water will clear in a matter of days, however.