Discover the fascinating new world of nano sea water aquaria – bringing the magic of tropical coral reefs into your living room! 

An aquarium with coral reef dwellers need not be a big, complicated and expensive affair. If you just observe a few basic principles regarding set-up, stocking and care and keep to the Dennerle Nano Marinus system, everything is very simple.

An old rule states that the larger a sea water aquarium is, the greater its ability to cope with stress and to maintain biological stability.
This does not mean that small aquaria are necessarily unstable, however.

On the contrary: With the right equipment and a well balanced stock of creatures, nano aquaria with a water volume of 30 to 60 litres can be run with long-term biological stability today.
While many creatures only feel at home in a large sea water aquarium, some tiny reef dwellers will thrive substantially better in a small aquarium. Most of these nano reef dwellers are fascinating in appearance and behaviour. In nature they lead extremely stationary lives, e.g. in or on a tiny den, and remain within a highly restricted terrain. In large aquaria they are barely visible and may well be eaten quickly by the fish. A Nano Cube is ideal for such creatures!

Nano opens up a totally new world - even for experienced sea water aquarium enthusiasts.