Fresh water snails make their appearance in every aquarium sooner or later, sometimes becoming a real nuisance.

Recently, however, these former “undesirables” have found their own place in some aquarium enthusiasts’ hearts. Some varieties are highly interesting and also useful helpers in our aquaria.

Popular snail varieties
Assassin snail, Anentome helena

Anentome helena is an undemanding fresh water snail with a strange taste in food – it likes nothing better than to devour other snails! A highly effective and attractive helper in the aquarium when small snails make a nuisance of themselves.

Zebra nerite snail. Vittina coromandeliana

The zebra nerite snail displays a great variety of different markings on its shell. It feeds primarily on food residues and algae, but is not interested in plants. This aversion to plants makes it a welcome guest in the aquarium.

Limpet, Clithon spec.

This droll limpet is a tireless cleaner of aquarium fittings and panes. An attractive and hard-working helper in the nano world.

Required habitat for most varieties:

  Temperature: 20-26 °C
  pH: 7-8.5
  KH: 8-12 °d
  Aquarium size: min. 10 l