Fish in the Nano aquarium?
Yes, but the right ones...
…that is Nano-fish!

The question, "How many neons can I keep in my 20 litre cube?", usually and quite rightly has to be answered with "none!".
However, the ongoing trend for miniature water worlds, as well as the desire to keep fish in them, has led to closer examination of very small fish species.

The outcome of a collaboration between Dennerle and the aquatics magazine DATZ is the "Nano-fish guide". These guidelines clearly and expertly explain how species-appropriate husbandry and care of small fish in Nano-aquaria can be achieved successfully.

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The most important rules in summary:
  • Do not keep fish in aquaria under 30 litres
  • Keep no more than 1-2 species in appropriate numbers
  • Observe the requirements of the fish species!
  • Only feed as much as is eaten immediately
  • Weekly partial water change of 30%