Nano cube set-up


Setting up a nano aquarium
All the fascination of a nano aquarium - in just 60 minutes!


Important preparations:

1. The right location

Choose a relatively dark spot – in a corner, for example. Direct sunlight should be avoided – it may lead to algae formation and overheating. Before you begin, rinse the aquarium out with warm tap water (no detergents). The black decorative foil provided can be stuck onto the back of the Nano Cube. Now place the aquarium with the safety underlay on a smooth, horizontal surface of adequate load-bearing capacity.

2. Water plants

Shrimps are highly sensitive to certain contaminants. As the possibility of newly purchased aquarium plants releasing substances that may be harmful to shrimps (pesticides, fertilizer residues) cannot be ruled out, plants should always be watered for at least three days before placing them in the aquarium.

For pot plants: remove culture substrate, trim the roots back to approx. 2cm long
For stem plants: Remove foam
Store the plants in a bucket with plenty of tap water at the correct temperature (15-20 °C), at room temperature in a light place (window)
Change the water daily.



On the day when you set the aquarium up for the first time:

1. Pour in DeponitMix special nutrient medium









Nano DeponitMix provides the foundation for lush plant growth. It supplies aquarium plants with vital nutrients through the roots.
Nano DeponitMix has been developed specifically for the sensitive situation regarding nutrients in mini-aquaria. It forms the bottom bed layer, of approx. 2 cm in height.


2. Wash and pour in Shrimps Gravel Bed









Cover the nutrient medium with a roughly 3 cm layer of thoroughly washed Shrimps Gravel Bed. In addition to its attractive appearance, this fine gravel also prevents food residues from disappearing between the grains of gravel and contaminating the water unnecessarily. Available in the natural-look colours Sulawesi black and Borneo brown.


3. Position decorative items









Stones, roots or special decorative elements can be used to decorate the aquarium.
Ensure that the stones are suitable for aquaria: They should be water-neutral and must not release any undesired substances such as lime or dangerous heavy metals. Use only special aquarium root wood. Fresh wood is unsuitable, as it will rot.
Crayfish, crabs and shrimps require adequate hiding places and retreats, particularly during moulting.

The ideal solution: Dennerle Crusta Tubes or Crusta Cave.


4. Fill aquarium 2/3 full









Fill the aquarium two-thirds full with tap water at a temperature of around 20 °C. Place a flat plate in the aquarium and pour the water in slowly over this plate, to avoid swirling up the bed. Add Nano Water Conditioner to the tap water beforehand (2 drops per l of fresh water), in order to neutralise dangerous constituents such as chlorine and heavy metals.


5. Place plants in the aquarium









Now place the well watered aquarium plants in the aquarium.
Around 80% of the bed should be covered with plants at the beginning. Fast-growing stem plants are ideal for this purpose – algae will then have virtually no chance right from the outset.


6. Install filter and add water until aquarium is full









Place the compact Nano corner filter in one of the rear corners of the aquarium Against the black background and behind a few stem plants it will later be almost invisible.
Now fill the aquarium completely full.


7. Fit lighting cover and panel









Now fit the attachable Nano Light. The aquarium should be used with the cover panel fitted at all times, in order to prevent the shrimps from possibly jumping out of the aquarium and to reduce evaporation of the water.

The aquarium is now set up. Now switch on the filter and lighting. A little patience is now required before the first creatures are placed in the aquarium.


After 3 days:
Replace 50% of the water. Treat tap water with Nano Water Conditioner beforehand!

After 6 days:
Replace 50% of the water. Treat tap water with Nano Water Conditioner beforehand!

After 7 days:
Replace 50% of the water. Treat tap water with Nano Water Conditioner beforehand.
Now the first shrimps can be placed in the aquarium. Recommended initial stock: 5 shrimps / 10 l water

Necessary care measures

Daily: Feed shrimps, add Nano Daily Fertilizer
Weekly: Replace 25-50% of the water, trim plants if necessary, clean glass
Only 15 minutes a week!


To set up a nano aquarium for ongoing care, you require:

Nano DeponitMix special nutrient medium

For 10 l - 1 pack (1 kg)
For 20 l - 1 pack (1 kg)
For 30 l - 2 packs (2 kg)

Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed

For10 l - 1 pack (2 kg)
For 20 l - 1.5 packs (3 kg)
For 30 l - 2 VP (4 kg)

Decorative materials (stones, rocks, roots, Nano Crusta Tubes, ...)

Nano corner filter
Nano Light
Aquarium plants
Nano Water Conditioner
Nano Daily Fertilizer
Nano Crusta-Fit
CrustaGran basic feed