Breeders & Keepers - Vol. 2

For the second edition of Breeders'n'Keepers, in addition to highly interesting breeder interviews, Chris Lukhaup has managed to gather more experts from the shrimp scene for various key issues.

Roland Lück gives us an insight into shrimp genetics, Bernard Ehmer, the man for secret recipes and remedies that are important for an energetic and happy shrimp life, gives information about shrimp nutrition. Then there is Jared Green from the United Kingdom on the subject of abnormal development in shadow shrimp and other high-grade shrimp, and Werner Klotz also does the honours.

Of course we also let the breeders have their say – beginners especially can learn a great deal from their experiences. There is also a grade guide to the classification and classes of shadow shrimp. So again it is a huge package of very interesting information interspersed with photographs of extremely attractive examples.

Keep on shrimpin'!

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