Breeders & Keepers - Vol. 1

We are all fascinated by these small, bustling, colourful and beautifully marked creatures that live in our aquaria and provide us with lots of pleasure. Sometimes they cause us concern and worry if they are not breeding or they even die.

The shrimp aquarium hobby is a very new one, and we do not yet know everything about the husbandry and care of these animals. Over the last few years, Chris Lukhaup has travelled around a great deal investigating shrimps and has seen habitats, visited breeders, looked around specialist shrimp shops and in doing so discovered more about these animals. He discovered that there are a variety of ways to be successful and he always found it exciting when breeders told him about their experiences of husbandry and breeding.

Experiences are a valuable source of knowledge, especially when we don't know much about a subject. This is why Chris Lukhaup decided to invite some of the best shrimp breeders and keepers in Europe for an interview. This booklet is the first in the Breeders & Keepers series, which we hope will help you learn a little from the experiences of others and continue to have fun with your aquarium and shrimps.


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