Magnificent plants, healthy fish - with CO2!

CO2 fertilization - invented by nature

In the same way that humans and fish need oxygen to survive, plants are dependent on carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants produce their most important building material - sugar - from CO2, water and light.
A by-product of this process, which is known as photosynthesis, is the oxygen which all animals need in order to breathe. This process is the basis for all life on our planet.

Aquarium plants also need CO2

Aquatic plants use the CO2 which is dissolved in water. A constant supply of CO2 is forthcoming from the thick bed of mud which is usually to be found in natural waters. It is produced in large quantities here as a result of bacterial degradation processes. The strong and healthy plants which exist in nature are the result of this rich supply. And experienced aquarium enthusiasts know that lush plant growth also means healthy fish!