Aquarium in Balance

Magazine and catalog united in one work


  • A piece of the Dennerle philosophy
  • Visually stunning, informative and exciting at the same time
  • Pure knowledge spread over 100 pages
  • Nearly 40 pages of Dennerle products

Nature, aquatic plants, simplicity, lifestyle, decreasing blood pressure — combine all these terms and — at least in our opinion — you’ll get the result „aquarium“. For us there is no other hobby that is so varied, exciting 
and yet so relaxing. 

This magazine is the follow-up of our silver book „Der große Dennerle-Ratgeber“ and an explanation of how we see and practice aquatics, with many pictures. We admit: During the last 50 years we have been peeking 
and copying from Mother Nature, and with the „aquarium in balance“ we have developed a system to recreate natural processes inside a glass tank simply and efficiently.
Your curiosity has been piqued? The next pages are all about you and your tank — or as we hope — your tanks.

You can download it from here.