With chris lukhaup and the plantahunter on expedition ...

... this coffee-table book makes it possible


  • Let yourself be whisked away on a fascinating journey through the underwater worlds of:
    • Columbia
    • Brazil   
    • Sarawak
    • Florida
    • Sulawesi
  • With 200 breathtaking coloured pictures
  • 200 pages of pure enthusiasm


All life comes from water! All life is sustained by water!
You cannot find a more fitting expression — life on our planet simply would not be possible without water. A large part of Earth's surface is covered in salt water, which is home to an incredible diversity of different organisms, and life in fresh water also thrives in breathtaking variety.

However, this indispensable basis for life on Earth is endangered. Daily, the media are full of reports about water shortages and water pollution. This coffee-table book stands for the beauty and the integrity of untouched aquatic worlds, which we need to protect!

During our Plantahunter tours, we found unique underwater landscapes, and we were able to capture their beauty in fantastic pictures. Under water, humans are mere "guests" — looking at a strange world they are outsiders to.

Dennerle – experience nature. This motto is what has been driving us for the last fifty years!


ISBN-No. 978-3-943968-21-7
Art.No. 2001