The start-up phase

After it has been filled the aquarium is in the start-up phase. This lasts about two months.

During the start-up phase the following can sometimes occur:

Mould residue:

This oily film on the water surface is formed from iron-eating microorganisms and shows that there is an excess of oxidised iron present.
The mould residue is of course unattractive, but it disappears after a while. You can however remove it with kitchen paper, with a surface extractor or lily pipe.

White or green clouding:

This is caused by microorganisms or floating algae. To remedy this, reduce the lighting period, feed sparingly and do not fertilise, add TR7 Tropic.
To speed up the process, a UV light connected to the filter will help.

Schedule for water changes, fertilisation and water care in the start-up phase:

 Day % water change  Fertiliser   Water care
 4  25 %  E15  FB7 + TR7
 7  25 %  E15 + S7  FB7 + TR7
 15  25 %  E15  FB7 + TR7
 22  25 %  S7  FB7 + TR7
 30  25 %  V30 + S7  FB7 + TR7
 37    S7  FB7 + TR7
 45  25 %  E15 + S7  FB7 + TR7
 52    S7  FB7 + TR7
 60  25%  V30 + S7  FB7 + TR7

When changing the water don't forget the Avera water conditioner!