Bring the magic of tropical worlds to your home!

Colorful fish, prawns and crabs observed in the lush green jungle of a self designed underwater landscape - a fascinating adventure. Get to know the nature from a new perspective. An aquarium gives you the opportunity to watch tropical fish and plants with their diverse life and behavior in your living room in every detail. It gives you peace of mind, relaxation and contentment. Especially for children an aquarium is very valuable: they learn how to build a small ecosystem and how to maintain it. You gain knowledge effortlessly from the interactions in nature while learning to take responsibility for living things. And no later than when the first young fish are there, you'll notice: An aquarium is never boring!

Healthy fish and plants in a magnificent underwater landscape

As in nature, all living creatures need suitable living conditions in your aquarium. Even without much experience you can manage to set up the aquarium so that your fish, crabs and shrimps feel comfortable and aquarium plants are thriving. Please visit the following pages to get the knowledge you need.

We will show you how a tank is set up properly, how to build a healthy soil landscape and how the technical equipment will be installed.