Overview of CO2 systems - Modular set-up

The Dennerle CO2 system is modular in design.

Virtually all the components are intercombinable, enabling perfect adaptation to the individual aquarium. Furthermore, Dennerle has put together practical sets tailored to certain aquaria sizes which contain all the components needed. All CO2 systems can be removed at any time for simple adaptation to changed conditions - e.g. a larger aquarium, more demanding plants.

Level 1: CO2 fertilizer system: Effective, reliable CO2 supply

1. Classic-Line CO2 reusable cylinder:

All reusable CO2 cylinders from Dennerle are made of high quality forged steel. They comply with all German and European standards for compressed gas cylinders. Every individual cylinder is tested at 250 bar in accordance with the specifications of the TÜV technical control board. With pressure relief device and valve protection cage. For maximum safety.

2. CO2 pressure reducer Exclusive

Ensures that the compressed CO2 is released from the cylinder at the correct pressure and supplied to the diffusor in the correct quantity. The core element of every CO2 pressure reducer is the needle valve. This is why Dennerle uses only precision needle valves "Made in Germany".
The needle valve of the CO2 pressure reducer Exclusive is operated via an integrated gear mechanism. The result is previously unknown precision and maximum user-friendliness.

3. Special CO2 check valve

The special CO2 check valve from Dennerle reliably protects all CO2 equipment such as the pressure reducer, CO2 cylinder, CO2 night cut-off valve, etc. from backflowing water.

4. CO2 bubble counter Exact

The CO2 supply rate is measured in terms of the number of bubbles per minute. The Dennerle CO2 bubble counter Exact can be turned in the mounting bracket for optimum alignment. The white reflector bracket enables precise counting of the bubbles even in poor light conditions - e.g. in the base cabinet. Hose connectors with screw fittings prevent CO2 leaks. A choice of 3 attachment modes ensures maximum flexibility.

5. Special Softflex CO2 hose

CO2 is a special substance which has quite different properties to air. It simply seeps through many hose materials. The special Softflex CO2 hose from Dennerle consists of a special CO2-proof plastic to ensure that valuable CO2 arrives where it is needed - in the aquarium. The hose is able to withstand pressures of up to 7 bar and is highly flexible to facilitate installation.

6. Maxi-Flipper CO2 diffusor

The CO2 diffusor ensures that the CO2 is dissolved quickly and effectively in the aquarium. Because plants can only use the CO2 when it is dissolved in the water. The Dennerle Maxi-Flipper is an extremely effective, compact CO2 diffusor for the very highest professional requirements. With CO2 collector and waste gas vent. The best possible use is made of the valuable CO2.

Level 2: CO2 fertilizer system + CO2 night cut-off valve: Saves valuable CO2

7. CO2 long-term test Correct + pH
Allows the continuous, exact control of CO2 content in the aquarium. The colouring of the special CO2 indicator varies according to the CO2 content from

• blue = not enough CO2 to

• green = CO2 content ideal and

• yellow = too much CO2.

The level of CO2 in the aquarium can be read directly from the six-colour scale in milligrams per litre. The CO2 long-term test Correct allows you to monitor the pH value in your aquarium at the same time.

8. CO2 night cut-off valve Comfort

The Dennerle CO2 cut-off valve Comfort is a CO2 solenoid valve for control of the CO2 supply. It is connected to a standard time switch and cuts off the supply of CO2 overnight, as aquarium plants do not require any CO2 during the night. The CO2 night cut-off valve Comfort enables valuable CO2 to be saved every day.
TIP: Simply connect the CO2 night cut-off valve to the time switch which controls your aquarium lighting.

Level 3: CO2 fertilizer system + CO2 night cut-off valve + pH controller Evolution Deluxe: Fully automatic CO2 supply and pH control with electronic precision

9. pH controller Evolution Deluxe

The pH controller Evolution DeLuxe forms part of Dennerle's top-of-the-range CO2 control system. It measures the pH value in the aquarium continuously by electronic means and controls the supply of CO2 automatically via a CO2 night cut-off valve (solenoid valve). The pH controller offers the ultimate in functionality, reliability and user-friendliness.


The ideal system for every aquarium

DENNERLE’s own research and development department and decades of experience with its own plant nursery provide it with the necessary know-how on all aspects of CO2. This enables DENNERLE to offer all the components which are necessary for simple, safe and reliable CO2 fertilization - from the CO2 cylinder to the CO2 diffusor.

In particular, DENNERLE offers a broad choice of complete CO2 sets which have been put together in accordance with practical requirements, ranging from sets for small aquaria of up to 80 l to large-scale 5,000 l display aquaria.