Starting up the aquarium equipment

Measuring and control equipment

The DUOMAT – for systematic control of Bodenfluter cable and water heater

Now set the DUOMAT to the desired water temperature – 24-26 °C is ideal for a tropical community tank. It will then carry out automatic sequential control of both heating systems:
The water heater, to keep your fish feeling well, and the bed heater, to ensure your aquatic plants always have a "warm bed" that keeps them supplied with fresh nutrients.

The pH controller

measures the pH value continuously, controlling it automatically via the regulated supply of CO2. A green LED indicates the current control state. The alarm diode will flash if the discrepancy between the set and actual pH value is too great.
Switch on the pH controller by inserting the mains plug. Press the programme button and set the desired pH value. The pH controller will automatically begin measuring and regulating the pH value. When selecting the desired value, please consider the relationship between pH value, CO2 content and carbonate hardness, in order to set the ideal CO2 level for your aquarium water (see table).

CO2 system

Open the operating pressure setting screw on the pressure reducer and set an operating pressure of around 1 bar. Cylinder pressure and operating pressure are displayed clearly on the large manometers. Now you can fine-tune the desired amount of CO2 to be supplied by means of the needle valve. The amount of CO2 supplied is monitored on the bubble counter.

Rule of thumb for basic setting of the number of bubbles:
10 bubbles per minute per 100 l of aquarium water. Example: 200 l aquarium: 2 x 10 = 20 bubbles per minute.


Continuous, exact control of CO2 content in the aquarium
is carried out by means of the CO2 long-term test Correct +ph, which even enables simultaneous monitoring of the pH value in the aquarium! The colouring of the special CO2 indicator varies according to the CO2 content from

• blue = not enough wenig CO2  through
• green = CO2  content ideal to
• yellow = too much CO2.

This provides an absolutely simple and reliable means of setting the correct CO2 supply level.