Shopping list

What is needed to set up an aquarium with a complete range of technical equipment?

Example: An 80 cm aquarium (capacity approx. 120 l)


Aquarium with cover
Heat insulating, flexible mat
Lighting tubes (TROCAL Special Plant, Amazon Day)
Optional: Bodenfluter 24V/25W or 
ThermoTronic 12V/20W
Adjustable heater, approx. 100W
Filter with filter material (FilterChips, FilterPearls)
CO2 supply: DISPOSABLE or REUSABLE with 
Mini-Flipper diffuser


DeponitMix Professional substrate, approx. 5 kg
Crystal quartz gravel - hardener-free, approx. 30 kg
Stones, roots


Aquatic plants

Care accessories:

Aquatic plant fertiliser (Perfect Plant: V30, S7, E15)
Water care products (AquaRico: Avera, FB7, TR7)
Water tests (pH, CO2, KH/GH)
Catching net
YADY fish food
Gravel cleaner for substrate cleaning and water changing"