Installing The Aquarium Equipment

Filter (internal / external filter)

Attach filter / suction and nozzle tube to one of the rear corners. After placing plants in the aquarium, these devices will be hidden behind large aquatic plants.

Measuring and control equipment

After building up the aquarium bed in the correct manner and installing the filter, the electrical measuring and control equipment is to be installed. For a tidy set-up, we recommend attaching the DUOMAT, the pH Controller and the Bodenfluter transformer to a connection panel with the wall mount provided. The connection panel is to be placed in the aquarium's base cabinet at a later juncture.

A multiple socket outlet should also be attached to the panel. This provides a neat and tidy means of connecting all the electrical devices. To this end, lead the connecting leads of the electrical devices behind the aquarium and down into the base cabinet. Do not simply connect the electrical devices to a wall outlet. They are better protected from water contact in the base cabinet. Safety first!

pH controller measuring probe
Attach the measuring probe of the pH controller to the rear pane of the aquarium, using the probe holder. There should be gentle water movement in the area of the electrode. Connect the measuring probe cable to the pH controller in the base cabinet.

CO2 night cut-off valve                                                                                     
The supply of CO2 is controlled by means of this solenoid valve. The tried and tested Dennerle night cut-off valve runs on very little power. Don’t forget the check valve! This will protect your valuable CO2 night cut-off valve and your pressure reducer from any backflowing water. The night cut-off valve can also be attached to the connection panel.  

Connecting the cabling
Connect the Bodenfluter cable to the Bodenfluter transformer. Connect the mains plugs of the Bodenfluter transformer and the adjustable heater (water heater) to the DUOMAT. Secure the temperature sensor of the DUOMAT in the aquarium. Connect the plug of the night cut-off valve to the pH controller. Do not switch the devices on until the aquarium has been filled with water!

IMPORTANT! Always ensure that no contact with water is possible when connecting devices to the mains. Switch off all devices before working in the aquarium and never touch electrical connections with wet hands!



CO2 system

Screw the pressure reducer (2) to the CO2 cylinder (1). Connect the components of the CO2 system in the following sequence with the aid of the CO2 hose (7):

1. Pressure reducer
2. Night cut-off valve (3)
3. Check valve (4)
4. Bubble counter (5)
5. CO2 diffusor – e.g. Flipper (6)

Screw the bubble counter to the connection panel. All the devices will then be grouped together in a tidy manner. The pH controller (8) with its measuring probe controls the supply of CO2 via the night cut-off valve (3). CO2 long-term test Correct (9) additionally enables continuous monitoring of the CO2 content in the aquarium.