Understandable reading material created by experts

The Dennerle publishing portfolio offers reader-friendly magazines and books

The authors of Dennerle's publications are always close to the action and have many years of experience. As well as useful guidebooks, the company's publishing line has also been offering high quality magazines and books on specialist subjects for some months. Top priority for reading material: modern feel and noticeable added value for the reader.

Dennerle therefore skilfully bridges the gap between beginners and experienced aquarists. One prime example is the latest bestselling "Aquascaping Guide". In 148 pages, the book about the "modern design of a plant aquarium" delivers useful facts and many practical tips on the hot topic of aquascaping. In addition to basic information, for example about the design of aquarium landscapes and the history of the advent of aquascaping, according to Head of Marketing, Ulrich Gaida, the book provides "extensive professional tips for beginners, combined with inspiration for the creation of your own fascinating aquarium". So on six pages, the authors, made up of plant expert Stefan Hummel and shrimp experts including Chris Lukhaup, have presented an easily understandable step-by-step guide to setting up an aquascaping aquarium.

In the comprehensive guide with 265 images, seven well-known aquascapers (Oliver Knott, Andreas Ruppert, Annika Reincke, Jan-Simon Knispel, Adrie Baumann, Volker Jochum and Jurijs Jutjajevs) provide 14 aquarium landscape suggestions with descriptions of how to set them up, numerous plant descriptions and information about a huge selection of underwater creatures, among other things. There are also details about care, fertilisation, algae and water values, for beginners and experienced aquarists.

The two "Breeders & Keepers" magazines from the pen of shrimp expert, Chris Lukhaup, are also selling well. For each edition, in addition to highly interesting breeder interviews, Chris Lukhaup has managed to gather more experts from the shrimp scene for various key issues. So there are insights into shrimp genetics and useful facts about home recipes and remedies that are important for a happy shrimp life. In addition, beginners in particular can learn a great deal from the reports about the experiences of international breeders. The magazines provide extremely interesting information, coupled with new photographs of extremely beautiful examples from the world of shrimps.

The success of the publications means that the portfolio is to be expanded in coming weeks and months with further works, Dennerle reports. One of these projects is the consumer magazine, "Aquarius". The prototype of the magazine celebrated its presentation premiere at Interzoo 2014.