Successful appearance at the Zoo Event in Kassel

Dennerle impresses specialist retailers with innovations concept

The innovations from the Palatine company took centre stage this year at the Zoo and Garden Event 2011. The open and modern trade show stand concept was popular with specialist retail partners, inviting them to talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere. A special highlight on the first day of the trade show: The famous presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes was available all day to chat and sign autographs.

In the afternoon she acted as a lucky charm attracting Dennerle customers to the stand. The company sent personal invitations to specialist retail partners in advance, which were linked with an attractive prize draw. Dennerle raffled an iPad, an iPod Nano and a high-quality Weber grill, on each of the two days of the trade show. To take part, the customers simply had to remove the prize draw ticket from the invitation and put it in the raffle box provided when they visited the trade show stand.
Head of Marketing, Thomas Feierabend, is pleased with the success of the trade show: "Although the flow of visitors to the trade show seemed to be slower in general compared with previous years, we had our hands full on our stand virtually non-stop." As well as the limited Enie edition Nano Cube range, the new products in the equipment field, and especially the new shrimp food range, under the name "Shrimp King", attracted the interest of the trade show visitors. "With the predominantly positive response from specialist retailers, we think we are well prepared for the coming season with our range," says Feierabend. The Palatine company is certain that new products and the associated sales promotion concepts will result in additional sales for the retailers.

Nano is still extremely important

Dennerle especially lives up to its leading role in the industry in the Nano area. The Palatine company has presented a range of innovations for the coming season. There will be some new decorative elements to embellish underwater landscapes. Imitation roots, simulations of rocky caves and much more have been added to the comprehensive Nano range from Dennerle. "This means we provide variety on the market and new buying stimuli for the consumer," says the Product Manager responsible, Ulrich Gaida.

The "shrimp customer" is king here

Dennerle also expands its range in the invertebrate segment with a special food under the name „Shrimp King“. With the new premium food in flake form, Dennerle continues to focus on species-appropriate and responsible husbandry of aquarium inhabitants, as only natural, high-quality ingredients are used for the new food, with no attractants, flavourings or preservatives whatsoever. The shrimp food is available in five different varieties, including basic, breeding, mineral and protein food, as well as a special supplementary snack.
Another advantage of the new product group is that it is produced in Germany, ensuring reliable availability of the special food. Thomas Feierabend, Head of Marketing and Sales at Dennerle explains: "With the launch of the premium shrimp food we are the first manufacturers to offer products from this segment in pet shops." Similar products are currently only available primarily from Japanese online retailers. "This makes obtaining the food safer for consumers, as they no longer have to do without the competent advice of a specialist retailer." The premium food will cost between eight and ten euros per 30 gram pack.

Large and small technical "helpers"

Dennerle has also come up with new developments in the equipment segment.
There are some new add-on items for the well-known Nano corner filter. The new attachable extension (FilterExtension) and the new filter basket (FilterModul) can be filled with the new Nano filter mediums (Bio Filter Granulate, Active Carbon, Algae Stop).
The Nano Baby Protect was especially well received by specialist retailers at the Zoo Event. This is an additional suction protector for the corner filter, which is intended to prevent young shrimps from being sucked into the filter system.
The Dennerle team also presented the Alginator 2500 , a preview so to speak. The company intends to market the "helper", equipped with a neodym magnet (2.5 kg attractive force) and special cleaning fleece, from December. The development department has also come up with something else: The soft-side construction (patent pending) enables very thorough cleaning of the curved front corners of the Nano Cube. A new hang-on-thermometer made from curved glass is available now. [Dennerle osmosis water conditioning water conditioner CH TH]

There is also something new in the equipment area in large aquatics. The osmose systems from Dennerle have been reworked and are now even more efficient in their average output. At the same time this has made it possible to reduce the price.

Enie – Highlight of the trade show

At the trade show weekend in Kassel, everyone's eyes were especially drawn to one highlight: the new Enie Design Cube. The famous TV presenter and furniture expert, Enie van de Meiklokjes, designed the new, exclusive Lifestyle Aquarium from Dennerle, which has been for sale in stores as a limited edition of 3,000 since mid-October.
The complete package provides everything an aquarist needs to get started straight away: Equipment, substrate and decorative material. Enie van de Meiklokjes also gives useful set-up tips in a clear brochure. And an autograph card is included for her fans. She found designing the aquarium especially fun, as she was able to combine the areas of "hobby" and "lifestyle" in a unique way.