Scaper’s Soil - better water values, more attractive plant aquarium

New substrate from Dennerle creates charming underwater landscapes

With the new Scaper’s Soil, Dennerle presents a specially developed nutrient substrate for all plant aquaria, particularly aquascaping aquaria. The nutrient-rich substrate, containing all essential minerals and trace elements, is made up of carefully selected soils, and thanks to its dark black colour it provides an excellent contrast with the vibrant green of the plants. The irregular shaped grains, with a diameter of 1-4 mm, also give a natural appearance. In addition, the loose structure enables the optimum flow of water through the substrate and plant roots are able to establish well.

The chemical effects of the Scaper’s Soil also impress plant aquarium fans. The special nutrient formula means the substrate, with natural humic and fulvic acids, does not promote algae. It also reduces the pH and stabilises it in the slightly acidic range (approx. pH 6.0-6.5, depending on the original water) reduces the carbonate hardness and thus makes the water softer (up to CH close to 0 °d KH, depending on the original water) and creates soft, slightly acidic water, like that in nature. The porous surface of the soil enables the colonisation of important cleaning bacteria, and therefore ensures an excellent filter capacity for crystal-clear water, while at the same time binding harmful substances for healthier living conditions.

The twice-baked and therefore long-term water-stable Scaper’s Soil not only ensures healthy, strong plant growth and rich green leaves, but also creates the ideal living conditions for all tropical fish that live in soft, slightly acidic water. It also provides the conditions for the best possible water values for keeping and breeding shrimps that need soft, slightly acidic water (e.g. Crystal Red, Red Bee, etc.).

The new Scaper’s Soil from Dennerle is available in 4 litre and 8 litre packs.