Plant it! In-vitro plants take over the underwater world

Dennerle expands its plant range into the field of meristem plants

The new meristem plant range, plant-it!, from Dennerle is especially attractive to experienced plant aquarists and aquascapers. Cells are removed from a plant under sterile conditions and further cultivated. From a minute clump of cells a fully developed aquarium plant forms. The young plants grow on in the culture vessels to become strong seedlings. Interestingly, the plants in the sealed vessels form submerged leaves. This is very important for their introduction to the aquarium, as the plants do not need to adapt like plants that are emersed when cultivated. The sterile plants are especially suited to aquaria with delicate shrimps and fish.

These aquarium plants provide new presentation options for retailers, as the plant tubs, with a relatively long shelf life, are also suitable for secondary placement and are a real self-service product.

With plant-it! Dennerle uses the opportunity to also offer aquarium plants which are in some cases difficult to cultivate in a greenhouse.
With these young plants with multiple shoots, the plant aquarist gets a large number of plants in a small package, which offer more design possibilities thanks to their small size. The new range should be of particular interest to aquascapers, as the small plants can be inserted into the smallest of cracks. It is highly recommended that CO2 is used with this type of plant, right from the start. The plants simply have to be washed before use and divided into small portions - "Clean it, cut it, plant it!" is the motto.