Order merchandise products and replacement parts online

The new Dennerle shop provides added value for consumers and specialist retailers

In the course of the redesign of the Dennerle website, the company has now also released its own shop solution. The shop primarily contains merchandise products and replacement parts that are not readily available in stores. The strategic approach of Dennerle lies primarily in added value which benefits both specialist retailers and consumers in equal measure.

As well as a large portfolio of replacement parts, Dennerle also offers numerous "fan products". These include the "fish are friends" shirt, which is highly coveted in the aquatics community. The Dennerle printed items, such as the Aquascaping Guide and the issues of Breeders & Keepers, are also available online now. "With our replacement parts service in particular, our specialist retail partners can benefit from our new offering," Head of Marketing, Ulrich Gaida is convinced. This means specialist retailers can advise their customers of the appropriate replacement part on the spot, and ideally also order it.

According to Gaida, the shop is intended exclusively for the sale of merchandise products and replacement parts. "As always, we rely on close cooperation with our specialist retail partners and the sale of our products in their stores," emphasises the 38-year-old.