Hanover Heimtiermesse

Dennerle GmbH draws a positive conclusion from its increased involvement at Heimtiermesse in Hanover. While some industry representatives are partly or completely financed by activities in the consumer sector, Dennerle relies on an increasing market presence. According to the company, this does not only involve the positioning of the logo. In fact "we plan and organise campaigns which increasingly appeal directly to visitors directly and not just passively," says Head of Marketing and Sales, Thomas Feierabend.
These include workshops, competitions and sponsorship of championships.

The Palatine company attended at the Heimtiermesse in Hanover with a design competition for Nano aquaria, where almost 100 children and adults took part over two days, under the guidance of aquatics expert Christian Homrighausen.
Dennerle's active support of specialist retailers is very much appreciated: "The activities were a resounding success," stresses cooperative partner Harald Soßna from Braunschweig business "Das Aquarium". The Nano youth competition, and the so-called "Iron Scape" - an international competition between England and Denmark as well as Germany and Poland, involving quickly setting up large aquaria with identical Dennerle plants - attracted considerable interest and resulted in a continuous flow of visitors to the trade show stand.
The international aquascaping championship, "the art of plant aquaria", (also sponsored by the company from Vinningen) also specifically enticed visitors to make purchases, according to Soßna. "Several customers told us they had been inspired by the wonderful underwater landscape designs, to create their own aquarium," said the expert from Braunschweig. And not only "laymen" but also experts were amazed by the "unprecedented high standard of the designs," says Soßna. In addition to the jury, the otherwise highly favoured English were amazed by the high quality of the designs and the huge effort that was put in, which was then also appropriately acknowledged at the first aquascape night in Europe in front of more than 120 guests.
Dennerle's presence at the Heimtiermesse in Hanover was completed by expert lectures from Chris Lukhaup and Stefan Hummel about their "Plantahunter" tour. "We feel our marketing strategy has once again been confirmed by the specialist retailers and we intend to continue to support them, especially in the consumer sector," emphasises Thomas Feierabend. Statements like that of Harald Soßna, acknowledging "a successful appearance at the trade show, not only in the economical sense," of course give the Palatine company an additional boost.