Free entry to breath-taking SEA LIFE aquaria

Dennerle launches new voucher campaign on many products and aquatic plants

Aquarists get free entry to a SEA LIFE centre. And how does that work? Just purchase an aquatic plant or one of many Dennerle products with the SEA LIFE voucher, keep it safe and redeem it when you next visit one of the eight fascinating SEA LIFE aquaria.

"With this voucher, each full-paying visitor can take a second adult or a child with them free of charge," says Heinz Dennerle, owner and Managing Director. "The vouchers are valid throughout Germany, as we have distributed them to all businesses that carry our products and aquatic plants.

The SEA LIFE aquaria, found in eight different locations in Germany, with their breath-taking underwater landscapes, are also looking forward to meeting the many inquisitive hobby aquarists. The aim of the SEA LIFE concept is to bring visitors closer to the both the native and the tropical underwater world in an exciting way. Visitors go into the big aquaria through tunnels and can virtually be within the habitat themselves. In many SEA LIFE aquaria, taking part is encouraged and children and adults are able get up close to urchins, starfish and anemones in "touch aquaria", under expert supervision.

The vouchers are valid until the end of June, 2012. "Many families can therefore plan their visit to a SEA LIFE aquarium for their upcoming holidays or plan a day trip and enjoy the discount," says Thomas Feierabend, Head of Marketing at Dennerle.

"The vouchers which offer a saving of EUR 13.95 are distributed with our products without any surcharge," explains the family man. "This means we offer Dennerle customers real added value, true to our motto, "experience nature". We hope you have lots of fun with our products and when you visit Sealife".