Diving into the aquarium in full gear

08. Apr 11

Dennerle plants embellish the underwater landscapes in the tropical aquarium in Hagenbeck

It is warm behind the scenes at the Hagenbeck tropical aquarium in Hamburg. This week Dennerle employee Andrea Ferner was also able to experience this. She visited the huge, almost 8,000 square metre world of adventure, in order to see the design of the aquatic landscapes first hand. Because the Palatine company has been sponsoring

the internal setup of the 28,000 litre South America aquarium and other smaller tank exhibits with plants from its own breeding stock, since the facility was built some years ago.
Ferner had an additional box of aquatic plants in her bag as a gift. "A good opportunity to see for myself how the animal carers and aquarists position the plants correctly in such a large facility," she says, handing 24 year-old Florian Ploetz the first green bunch. And he then dives in - in full diving gear. "In an aquarium of this size it is not practical to work with a snorkel," explains Dr Guido Westhoff, Manager of the tropical aquarium." Just imagine if the animal carers had to surface again after positioning each individual plant. With hundreds of plants that would take an enormous amount of time".

Meanwhile Andrea Ferner has moved to stand in front of the glass of the big aquarium and is pointing out the position where Ploetz should plant one of the plants she brought with her. A thumbs-up from the young diver signals, "I understand, good idea".
Andrea Ferner also sums up her visit to the tropical aquarium positively, describing it as a "good idea and very useful mission". After all, a great deal is being done here for the promotion of aquatics. "This very much justifies the unlimited continuation of the sponsorship," she says.