Dennerle supports "Wir starten gleich!" [we're starting out]

Social project in Osnabrück gives backpacks to first-graders

The "Wir starten gleich!" association, supported by Dennerle, has now, as of 17 May, 2011, achieved a tangible goal: Kindergartens in Osnabrück have been presented with the first 125 backpacks with a huge press attendance. The association, which was founded in February this year, has set itself the task

of helping the parents of future first-graders who cannot afford a modern backpack. To do this, ever since its foundation, members and sponsors have been enlisted to enable the presentation of the backpacks and their contents by donating money and items.
Before they were given to the kindergarten, the backpacks were packed at the manufacturer in Mettingen. Klaus J Behrendt, Inspector in Cologne's "Tatort", and Reinhard Höfelmeyer, initiator of the association, filled them with pens, notebooks, paints and all kinds of other materials that will be helpful to the first-graders when they start school.
The children supported by "Wir starten gleich!", were previously anonymously identified. "Their parents often have bigger problems than purchasing equipment for when their child starts school. They are really very grateful to us," explains Behrendt while packing. "Only thanks to the donations from sponsors and members of the association - Dennerle was one of the first companies to pledge its support - is it possible to provide all needy children with much needed backpacks."
The motivation of the initiators and supporters is inspired by the idea of first-graders who feel left out even on their first day of school because they are not starting school with the usual equipment. "We give these children the opportunity to integrate socially, without being subject to the prejudices that even their young fellow pupils might already have," says Höfelmeyer, talking about the aims of his association. "The fact we have already been able to cater for the identified need without exception, is a great success. We will continue to work on our plan with our complete commitment next year".