Dennerle offers innovative CO2 supply for Nano aquaria

Nano Bio CO2 fertilisation system: effective system for magnificent plant growth

Another innovation from Dennerle also has several unique selling points: The Nano Bio CO2 fertilisation system is an especially simple, safe and cost-effective system for supplying CO2 in all Nano aquaria with capacities from 10 to 60 litres. The system uses natural yeast cells that are able to produce carbon dioxide from sugar. The fermentation control gel, specially developed by Dennerle, supplies a virtually constant amount of CO2 for at least 30 days. There are a total of over 300,000 CO2 bubbles per CO2 bottle.

Ideally the CO2 production then automatically adapts to the CO2 requirement of the aquarium. Because with a practical bottle support the CO2 supply bottle is in direct contact with the aquarium and is therefore linked to the water temperature, rather than dependent on extreme variations in room temperature, as is the case with comparable products with CO2 bottles beside the aquarium. At higher temperatures, the plants grow faster, meaning they have increased CO2 requirements, and at the same time the yeast produces more carbon dioxide. The bubble counter on the Nano Bio CO2 fertilisation system removes unwanted by-products from the CO2.

"The CO2 enters the aquarium virtually "invisibly" via the ultra-compact CO2 injector," explains Ulrich Gaida, Head of Marketing at Dennerle. There is no huge diffuser within the aquarium. The CO2 injector is simply inserted between the filter outlet and nozzle tube on the Nano corner filter. This ensures the CO2 dissolves quickly and effectively.

The Nano Bio CO2 fertilisation system creates the ideal conditions for lush, magnificent plant growth. This effectively limits the growth of unwanted algae. The plants produce more oxygen, which all shrimps, snails etc. benefit from.