Aquarium lighting for design fans - Elegant, compact and easy to install

The Nano Style LEDs from Dennerle impress by their modern design and very compact dimensions. The super slim elegant shape follows the purist and straight style which is currently often encountered in the design of living rooms. 

The Nano Style LEDs combine performance and simple operation with a layout that reflects current design trends. Of course, quality is not forgotten either. The installed Osram LEDs provide excellent growing light for aquarium plants, having a very good color rendering and at the same time a high energy efficiency. They are also characterized by their particularly long service life of 50,000 burning hours.

The LED lights manufactured in Europe for aquariums from 2 to 30 liters will be available as of February 2017 in 2 wattages: Nano Style LED S with 3 watts and Nano Style LED M with a performance of 6 watts.