And the winner is: Nano Cube Marinus

Dennerle is awarded the TopSeller Silver Award 2011

Dennerle can now officially present itself as the winner of the "TopSeller Silver Award 2011" from the specialist trade magazine "ZoofachTrend". Pet shops from throughout Germany were invited to select the most innovative aquatics products. "With the Nano Cube Marinus Complete Plus, Dennerle proves that Nano saltwater aquatics really works"

, it says in the nomination of the Palatine company. For a long time, reef aquaria with volumes of just 30 litres were considered to be uncontrollable among aquarists - although some expert impressively demonstrated what is possible in even the smallest aquaria as much as ten years ago.

Specialist retailers are in agreement: The Nano Cube Marinus gives beginners and experienced saltwater aquarists a new insight into the fascinating world of corals, invertebrates and other reef dwellers. It represents a simple, perfectly adapted system for saltwater aquatics in a small format, which works.