50th anniversary with a cornucopia of new products

To mark its 50th anniversary, Dennerle presents a great number of innovations at this year's Interzoo

The most important one in the field of technology is the newly developed TROCAL LED. It impresses by a very high output density, an optimum heat management and a long service life of approx. 80,000 operating hours.

Dennerle uses high-quality Cree-LEDs in its Trocal LED. The ceramic substrate (Cool ceramics - Multi-layer ceramic chip carrier), on which the LEDs have been manufactured, ensures an optimal heat dissipation. This guarantees a permanently high luminosity while at the same time the power consumption is low.

With these high-quality components, the TROCAL LED reaches an output density of approx. 5,600 lumens per board meter, what has yet to be matched. Also thanks to the efficiency of the LED module of 120 lumens per watt, the Dennerle TROCAL LED positions itself in the superior quality segment. The TROCAL LED Retro-Fit Kit enables an easy installation into existing light bars with T8 or T5 tubes.

In the segment of aquarium care, Dennerle will present its completely revised water care assortment. The basis for this relaunch was an entirely new concept that focuses much more on the customer’s needs and in addition incorporates new trends. Examples in this context are the water conditioner AquaElixir with extracts of the "miracle plant” Moringa or the new AquariumStarter Rapid, which allows adding the first fish population already after 24 hours into a newly set-up aquarium.

A series of new developments can also be seen in the product ranges Nano aquaria, Shrimp feed, aquarium plants and plant care. And some prototypes even allow a glimpse of the near future.



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