50 years Dennerle - family-run SME on traditionally innovative paths.

Looking at things from a different perspective and tackling problems in a different way in order not to stagnate is deeply rooted in the culture of the Palatinate aquatics company Dennerle. 

The company Dennerle celebrates its 50-year anniversary this year and looks back on a long history of developments. The love for the aquarium hobby and the exploration of water plants by Ludwig Dennerle were the impetus for founding the company. Today, the company portfolio comprises sophisticated systems for well-functioning water worlds in the segments aquarium plants, aquarium accessories and pond care.

With its approximately 10,000 square meters of greenhouses in the southern Palatinate and a sister farm in Sri Lanka, which has been cooperating with the Palatinate tradition company for more than 30 years, Dennerle has an average output of approximately 100,000 delivered plants per week and is therefore the largest aquarium plants nursery in Europe. Meanwhile, Dennerle delivers not only aquarium plants in the classic pot, but also the meristem plants range "Plant-It".

Even in the aquarium accessories segment Dennerle has always remained innovative and has constantly expanded its range of products. At the beginning of the business activities, Dennerle exclusively offered products from foreign brands, but since the early 1980s Dennerle solely distributes its own products. One of the biggest successes of the recent past was the introduction of the nano aquaria range in the year 2008. Today, Dennerle is the market leader of this product segment in several European markets.  In the accessories segment, the biggest emphasis is put on the development and production in Germany to the greatest possible extent, as this is the only way to ensure the highest possible quality and function.

A very good example in this context is the aquarium lighting TROCAL. The T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes were far ahead of their time and still belong to the best products of this type the market has to offer. For the aquarium season 2015/2016 the TROCAL assortment was supplemented by the innovative LED lighting for fresh and sea water aquariums. In cooperation with the also Palatinate-based technology company GHL this compact LED range including a retrofittable light color control was developed with the latest state-of-the-art technology. 

In a dynamic market segment such as aquatics, it is essential to remain creative and innovative in order to maintain the positive development of the company. For the future, Dennerle continues to focus on a concept-driven approach. In particular, all-round solution systems for functioning aquariums in balance are the main focus. Also at the international level, the still expanding company is known for comprehensive product assortments in outstanding quality.