"Scaper’s Day" - The Dennerle roadshow


Dennerle GmbH reinjects important momentum into aquatics with an extraordinary roadshow. With the "Scaper's Days" the plant experts not only give aquatics fans and enthusiasts an understanding of the aquascaping trend but show them how beautiful modern aquatics can be.

The first events, for example those in the Megazoo markets in Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Duisburg, were an enormous success, says Dennerle.

"At a "Scaper's Day" there are several hours of aquascaping workshops where the participants find out, step-by-step, how an aquascaping landscape is created", explains Ulrich Gaida, Dennerle Marketing Manager. The workshops are led by recognised scapers with relevant experience. "The participants not only see how it works but can also have a go themselves and can therefore take one or two professional tricks home with them," says Gaida. The participants also receive a free Dennerle plant handbook worth EUR 4.95. The number of participants is limited.

This successful concept has arisen from the daily experiences of Dennerle sales employees. "The response to the offer has exceeded our expectations," Homrighausen is pleased to say. Both with large market players like Megazoo and in smaller venues, there have so far never been fewer than 100 interested customers. The reward is that they get to take the Dennerle aquarium plant handbook home with them.

The speakers are impressed too: After his first "Scaper's Day" at BHG Luckau, newly crowned world champion Adrie Baumann said: "The best workshop I have ever done!"

Since 23 February this year, in collaboration with specialist retailers, Dennerle has travelled all over Germany with the aquascaping roadshow. 80 days are envisaged in 2013 and will be planned in agreement with Dennerle field representatives.