What does Dennerle stand for?


  • offers aquarium and garden pond products which can do more than just combat symptoms.
  • brings nature into your home as one of life's simple pleasures.
  • is environment-friendly and careful to conserve natural resources.
  • combines a professional approach with sound expertise.

In the aquarium products segment in particular

  • Dennerle is able to draw on over 40 years of experience.
  • Dennerle acts as a trend-setter and innovation driver.
  • Dennerle evolves products for all aquarium owners – from the novice to the professional.

Our products

  • make biological sense and bring obvious benefits.
  • are perfectly matched.
  • draw "practical merits from practical insights".
  • are simple, safe and reliable to use.
  • are technically sophisticated, representing the state of the art.
  • are tested at our in-house laboratory.
  • are high-quality and innovative.
  • live up to their promises.



Plant production
Cultivation of aquarium plants

Our partner fam in Sri Lanka has been cultivating plants for more than 30 years at at site covering 60,000,000m2. The initial outdoor operations have since given way to perfectly controlled cultivating conditions in plastic film greenhouses. The plants grow here in ideal, highly tropical conditions. Several times a week, the plants are delivered by air freight to the greenhouse in Vinningen, where they grow to the size at which they are sold, serving as rich nutrient depots.

Dennerle's greenhouses at its headquarters in Vinningen cover more than 9,000 m². Over 200 different varieties of aquarium plants are produced here, including numerous specialities and original Dennerle varieties. While Echinodorus, Anubias, Microsorum and Cryptocorynes clearly play a predominant role, the production programme also includes numerous stem plants and mosses. The DENNERLE greenhouses are equipped with the very best facilities: Computer-controlled cultivation ensures a constant tropical rain forest growing climate. 
Biotechnology is essential in order to meet today's demand for high-quality aquarium plants. This technology involves producing a tissue culture, with the aid of which a virtually unlimited number of plant clones can be produced from a single plant cell. Cultivated in sterile containers, the tiny plants are transferred from the laboratory directly to the plant tables in the greenhouses, where they mature into magnificent fully grown specimens. This is an active contribution towards environmental protection, as the plants no longer require to be removed from their natural habitat. Biological plant protection is also a priority at DENNERLE: Yellow panels, UV traps and the use of beneficial insects instead of chemical agents.

In order to ensure that the plants are fresh when they reach our distribution partners, they are removed from the greenhouse as soon as they are ordered. They are cleaned thoroughly under flowing water and the nutrient solution is washed out. They are then packed carefully in special dispatch boxes. These prevent the plants from drying out and protect them from crushing. Plants with particularly soft leaves are additionally packaged in a plastic case for enhanced protection. Quality control follows each stage of the process to ensure the aquarium enthusiast of the most beautiful plants.


Research & development
Pushing back the frontiers

The unique character of Dennerle’s products stems from the company’s research activities. The research department is the powerhouse that drives the company, pooling the very latest findings from the field of science, the company’s knowledge acquired from its aquatic plants farm and its extensive practical experience in the world of aquaria. Information from ongoing market analyses ensures a customer-oriented approach.

The company’s collaboration with microbiologists, chemists and botanists has spawned numerous solutions which have changed the face of the aquaria and ponds sector. The technical products, some of which have been patented, e.g. for biotope-compatible lighting, products for magnificent plants and clear water, fish foods and supplements, are hugely popular with our customers. 
Dennerle’s research team collaborates with specialists from other fields as part of an interdisciplinary approach and is the driving force behind the company’s innovative prowess. The secret behind the success of Dennerle’s research department is its understanding of the natural cycles in aquatic environments. Research activities focus not on combating symptoms, but on exerting a positive influence on biological processes – the onus is on experiencing nature, rather than interfering with nature's workings.