-  an interactive  internet portal on the subject of aquatics

Dennerle supports the online portal which was brought to life by the expert group for wholesale ornamental fish and aquatic plants in the German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF) [Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe Deutschlands]. The intention of the portal is to enable new and advanced aquarists to create functioning aquatics and to achieve aquatic diversity by breeding in their aquarium.

The portal provides information for the aquatics beginner and offers the opportunity to take part in a unique breeding programme for ornamental fish. The platform also includes a knowledge database with species descriptions for fish, invertebrates and plants, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas in the community and a blog. Schools can obtain extensive teaching material here.



mare mundi

Experience and protect nature – on a large scale and a small scale.

Experience nature – to ensure that this remains possible, Dennerle is supporting the mare-mundi project for scientific research and the ecological protection of the Mediterranean sea. The aquatics company sponsors the yellow cluster anemones living wild there. Their smaller tropical siblings thrive extremely well in the small saltwater aquaria from the Nano Marinus range. "By doing this we want to pay back some of our success with the Nano Marinus Cubes to its origins," says Thomas Feierabend, Director of Marketing & Sales at Dennerle. With its support of the mare-mundi project, Dennerle is following its philosophy of natural aquatics, which has been the focus since the company was founded almost 45 years ago.


Dennerle sponsors species name

The cardinal shrimp is called "Caridina dennerli"

Dennerle sponsors the species name for the cardinal shrimp which has only just been described scientifically.

At the museum for natural history at Humboldt University, Berlin, the systemic biologists – the "surveyors of nature" as it were – describe new species (taxonomy), their family relationships (systematics), their geographical distribution and their ecology, in taxonomic and systematic research projects.

Dennerle supports this work, true to the motto "experience nature" and in return sponsors the species name for the cardinal shrimp which has only just been described scientifically. In memory of the spiritual father of natural aquatics, Ludwig Dennerle, it has the scientific species name "Caridina dennerli".



The German Pet Trade & Industry Association
(Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe e.V.)

Dennerle is a member of the ZZF. The ZZF advises, informs and promotes the pet industry in specialist and professional matters and provides opportunities for professionalisation and for the exchange of experiences beyond organisation boundaries.

At the same time the ZZF is committed to the responsible and species-appropriate handling of pets and its aim is to actively present the positive effects of caring for pets in accordance with animal welfare, to the public, the media and government as well as other opinion leaders.



Association for the promotion of life with pets 
(Fördergemeinschaft Leben mit Heimtieren e.V.)

Dennerle supports the FLH, an industry wide amalgamation of a variety of companies from aquatics and terraristics. The main aim of the association is to actively carry out public relations work to promote the hobbies of aquatics and terraristics. Aquatics and terraristics are exciting, modern and very interesting hobbies that deserve more of the limelight.