Complete system for producing soft, high-purity water

Osmose Compact 130

  • Maximum output:
    130 l per day at 25 °C and pressure of 4 bar
  • Output under normal operating conditions:
    70-120 l per day at 10-15 °C and pressure of     3-6 bar
  • Retention rate: At least 95 %
  • Supplied ready for connection, incl. 3/4" tap adapter ("washing machine adapter")
  • Simple to us

Simplicity itself to use:

  1. Connect hose to tap
  2. Turn tap slowly on
  3. The white hose supplies soft, high-purity osmosis water
  4. The hardened, impure residual water from the blue hose is drained off


For species-appropriate, natural water conditioning we recommend:
•  Dennerle Osmose ReMineral+ for freshwater
•  Nano Marinus Reef Salt for saltwater





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