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20. December

Aquarium lighting for design fans - Elegant, compact and easy to install

The Nano Style LEDs from Dennerle impress by their modern design and very compact dimensions. The super slim elegant shape follows the purist and straight style which is currently often encountered in the design of living rooms. 

The Nano Style LEDs combine performance and simple operation with a layout that reflects current design trends. Of course, quality is not forgotten either. The installed Osram LEDs provide excellent growing light for aquarium plants, having a very good color rendering and at the same time a high energy efficiency. They are...

7. November

How to quickly identify CO2 deficiency

The quick test to prevent algae and weak plant growth

With the CO2 Quick Test it only takes seconds to measure whether one of the most important factors of photosynthesis - namely carbon dioxide -  is available in sufficient quantities for the water plants. That is because a healthy plant growth has a strong influence on the stability of the aquarium. And plants are the most important nutrient competitor of algae. This means, before inserting new aquarium plants or in case of unsatisfactory plant growth and also in case of algae problems: start by...

10. October

Lighting conditions such as in a natural coral reef

Powerful lighting for nano sea water aquariums

The TROCAL LED Marinus impresses with its quality. This is reflected by a very high output density, an optimum heat management and a long service life of approx. 80,000 operating hours. And all of this is available at a reasonable price and with the possibility of  command with the TROCAL LED control.

Dennerle uses high-quality Cree-LEDs in its Trocal LED. The ceramic substrate (Cool ceramics - Multi-layer ceramic chip carrier), on which the LEDs have been manufactured, ensures an optimal heat...

4. October

Dennerle receives Brand Star Award 2016

On Saturday, 01 October 2015, the company Dennerle GmbH was awarded the "Brand Star 2016" during the fair "aqua EXPO Tage" 2016 in Dortmund, Germany.  In order to vote which company in the industry stood out from the crowd by its  innovation and its commitment to the aquatic hobby, an online survey was carried out by the Facebook group "Aquarien Deutschland" and also a panel of experts was interviewed.

Christian Homrighausen, Head of Sales Germany/Austria, accepted the award at the exhibition.  "We are very happy about this award and want to thank all aquatics fans...

3. October

50 years Dennerle - family-run SME on traditionally innovative paths.

Looking at things from a different perspective and tackling problems in a different way in order not to stagnate is deeply rooted in the culture of the Palatinate aquatics company Dennerle. 

The company Dennerle celebrates its 50-year anniversary this year and looks back on a long history of developments. The love for the aquarium hobby and the exploration of water plants by Ludwig Dennerle were the impetus for founding the company. Today, the company portfolio comprises sophisticated systems for well-functioning water worlds in the segments aquarium...